July 21 - 27, 2003

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Kobe's Accuser
Gets Wasted...

Five Imports
From British



Banzai Tests Your Engrish....

We Review 4th Fireworks...

Colin Quinn Spouts Off...

MTV Goes Surfing...

Gary Busey Proves Slightly Psychotic...

 The Shows Of Summer
Nobody on the tube
No one you wanna see
There's garbage on the air
It's summer on TV
Most crap's old, but some crap's new
Like Chuck Woolery's Naturally Stoned
I'm with Busey sucks
And Dennis Miller's on Hannity and Colmes

Jim Belushi
Is never not on ABC
And on the news channels
It's the Summer of Kobe
So Angry Girl will
Write parodies of Henley songs
Until the shows of summer are gone

Who Wants to Marry My Dad?
All new on NBC
Top Ten Vegas Bathrooms
Where to take a fancy pee
Now Chris Rock's brother hosts a show on Oxygen
Can you believe a show exists called
Pat Sajak's Weekend?

Damn that Yes Dear
It seems to be on every night
And Ted Danson's Becker
Yeah, still holding tight, baby
But look for David Spade
On game shows and celebrity roasts
'Cause after this summer, Just Shoot Me's toast

Flipping around tonight
I saw the rotting corpse of CBS's Hack
A little voice inside my head said
"Don't flip back. You should never flip back"
I thought I knew what crap was
How right I was
You know the summer's slow when
J-Lo's ass still generates buzz

Boring fake reality
It's never gonna go
The British dude from American Idol
Got his own show, baby
Let's just turn it off
And take a nice long nap, 'cause
After the summer, the fall brings new crap

Angry Girl


How do you explain Jim Belushi's career?

This Way. It's a proven fact: people love seeing Fred Flintstone come to life.

No, This Way. People must have really liked his brother.

Last Week's Poll:
What is moral of this review?

This. (29%) Best comedy come from fortune cookie.

No, This. (70%) Perpetuated stereotype funnier than stupid American Hank Hill.