September 30 - October 6, 2002

Sing Along
With Hack...

God Ditches
The Rams...


Screw The
Grammys, Read



Trigger Happy TV...

Firefly Premieres...

A Dreadful New Affair...

American Idol Finally Ends...

Law & Order Teeters...

 Sing Along With Hack
I Drive A Hack (to the tune of Baby's In Black, by Lennon/McCartney)

Oh dear, what can I do?
I drive a hack and I'm feeling blue,
Tell me, oh what can I do?

I lost my badge, and so I'm driving a hack
Bad guys I still attack, though I drive a hack

CBS, Fridays at 9
I'll be gone soon, but in the meantime
CBS, Fridays at 9

I was a cop, a husband and a dad
But everything I did was bad, now I'm always mad

Oh, how long will it take
Till CBS puts on the brake and I'm gone?
Damn, what can I do?
I drive a hack and I'm feeling blue,
Tell me, oh what can I do?

Oh, I'm a miserable crank
Will I be cancelled? Take it to the bank, 'cause I suck
If you missed my debut
My show's grim and dull, and I'm unlikable too
Don't feel bad if you missed my debut

I take the law into my own hands
This won't attract many fans, so make other plans

Hack is depressing and glum
Ex-cop vigilante ain't heartwarming fun
Oh this show's depressing and glum

Angry Girl


To which demographic would you say Hack attempts to appeal?

This One. Lonely oldsters looking for a hero and also coincidentally unable to locate their remote controls.

No, This One. Psychopathic cabbies.

Last Week's Poll:
Did you watch the Emmys?

No. (45%) I was too busy online: I was participating in my Rotisserie Soap Stars draft.

Yes. (54%) God, did Andy Richter ever look fabulous...!