March 27 - April 2, 2000

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 Must-Flee TV
That coveted timeslot on Must-See-TV Thursday between Friends and Frasier has seen all manner of crap. NBC seems to think that they can sandwich any tripe between its finest pieces of bread, and we'll happily munch it. Here us now, NBC: No one wants to eat a shit sandwich.

The latest garbage to be served up on Thursdays at 8:30 is the unspeakable Daddio. It stars Michael Chiklis, best known from The Commish, and soon to be seen portraying Curly in ABC's upcoming Three Stooges flick. Here's the ground-breaking premise: Chris Woods (Chiklis) is a restaurant-supply salesman, and his lawyer wife lands a lucrative full-time job. So, Chris quits his job to be a house husband, so he can joyfully dance around the kitchen as he prepares breakfast for his kids.

He has to join something called The Mommies Group, which obviously consists of women looking at him sideways, and also has to put up with jeers from his wacky ex-marine neighbor. Don't you get it? The housewives think he's too much of a man to be a "Mommio," and the marine thinks he's too much of a "Mommio" to be a man!

For the love of God, what is this, the Fifties?

Or maybe it's the Eighties. Daddio should have aired in The Daddy Era, that period of time in the Eighties when every show was about fathers raising kids; remember Full House? My Two Dads? I Married Dora? When all stripes of "non-traditional" families were the subject of awful sitcoms? Almost two decades later, Daddio seems especially stale. There's nothing fresh or new here; John Lennon was a house husband 25 years ago.

Do we really need another sitcom about Everyman fathers in the suburbs? Don't Everybody Loves Raymond and King of Queens cover that ground (and much better, at least in the case of Raymond)? And does NBC really think that the same audience who faithfully tunes in for the exploits of the single and attractive Friends, is the same bunch who wants to watch a bald fat guy and the overly-trained child actors playing his precocious kids?

Add Chiklis to the list of guys on TV who look like people you know (along with Ray Romano, Jerry Orbach, Dennis Franz, etc.) Gee, are there any women on that list? Shyeah right. Anita Barone, Chiklis' TV wife, is skinny and looks so young she probably still gets carded in bars; she certainly doesn't look old enough to have a 13-year-old daughter. But why quibble? Her part on Daddio is meaningless anyway---she's just a straight woman to Chris' lovably parental excitable-guy-with-a-heart-of-gold.

And why the hell is this show called Daddio? His 13-year-old calls him that once in the show, just once, and no one else refers to him as Daddio ever again. Too bad we won't have time to find out...because Daddio? You're just baddio.

Angry Girl


Do we have it in for NBC, or what???

Yes. But I donít blame you, because Iím very frustrated that Ross and Rachel are destined to be apart.

No. Youíre just bitter because MSNBC wonít return your anguished phone calls begging them to buy you out.

Last Week's Poll:
Are there too many commercials running during the college basketball tournament?

Yes. (44%) But what can you expect? CBS has to pay the ransom to the NCAA for Jim Nantz's kidnapped baby.

No. (55%) I find that godawful Drew Carey DirecTV add soothing in a lick-clean-the-onion-dip sorta way.