January 28 - February 3, 2002

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 Ode To Daria
(sung to the tune of "Veronica" by McCartney/MacManus)

Was it all in that animated head of yours?
Is the cartoon studio now dark?
Well we used to know a girl with a show of her own
And her name was Daria
Well she wore the same green outfit every day
And combat boots on her feet
And watching her handle all the high school crap
Well, we wished we were Daria

Do you suppose that MTV thought it should
Air more shows called Cribs or Jackass (or)
Give that robot Carson Daly
More airwaves to bore us with
Where's Daria...?
Where'd Daria...go?

There will be no more Quinn
There will be no more Jane
There will be no more Helen or Jake
There will be no more scathing or trenchant remarks
To be uttered by Daria
Well it was only four or five years ago
In the halls of Lawndale High
When Beavis and Butthead spun someone off
And her name was Daria

Now they're high school graduates
And now we cannot see into their world
We won't know how they'll fare as college freshmen
We'll never see our gal again

Do you suppose that MTV thought it should
Pull the plug and use the money
To buy some more Ikea rugs
And fish tanks for the Real World house?
Poor Daria...
Where'd Daria...go!?!?

Where's Daria?

Angry Girl


Will you be glad when all originality is squeezed out of MTV so that milquetoast loser Carson Daly can rule the world?

Yes. He may be fat and talentless, but I love Carson.

No. And I only answer "no" because we're already there, dude.

Last Week's Poll:
That '80s Show or First Monday?

T80S. (27%) Any excuse for Who Shot J.R. jokes, and I am so there.

FM. (72%) I always wondered what it would be like if my Uncle Earl (the one at Thanksgiving who constantly asks people to pull his finger) was on the Supreme Court.