February 7 - 14, 2000

The View:
Superbowl pregame

Two of Us

Jim Rome, John

The Iron Giant


Gone to seed

Cereal Mascots

Five No-Shows

New Years' Locations

Cold and Embittered

 Five Redheaded Stepchildren

Here are five with fiery follicles:
Leaving a successful television show usually happens because the star is convinced of better prospects existing on the big screen. Donny Most must be the exception to this rule. As the third most successful red-haired actor on Happy Days!, and possessing no perceptible skills, Donny had to know his options were going to be limited. It's difficult to imagine him perusing a pile of scripts and deciding that Stewardess School was the vehicle that would make us all forget Ralph Malph.
Not just any jerk can use the name Bozo the Clown. Thanks to the wonderful world of franchising, mirthmakers of all stripes and spots now have a right to buy in to the magic of Bozo, but they must first avow a love of children and a strict adherence to the quality standards of Bozo-brand makeup and seltzer.
Prop comics have gotten a bad name, and that name is Carrot Top. Restraint may not be in the Carrot Top bag of tricks, but the man can do more with a pizza box than anyone this side of Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger.
As wisecracking/quirky/slutty redheaded supporting actresses on NBC sitcoms, Vicki Lewis of NewsRadio and Kathy Griffin of Suddenly Susan are essentially indistinguishable. The easy way to set them apart is: Vicki Lewis was on the show that starred Phil Hartman, and Kathy Griffin is on the show that makes you wish you were Phil Hartman.
Danny Bonaduce has managed to maintain an obnoxious smirk despite drug problems, a failed talk show, and having a last name that could be inaccurately translated to "Oh so pretty Mussolini." When your older siblings are hotties like Susan Dey and David Cassidy and your shocking lack of melanin relegates you to the indoors, it's not easy to get happy. Taking lots of drugs and never having to be a guest on Danny! certainly help.

Emil Gam