July 7 - 13, 2003

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 Five Public Radio Shows

Public radio isn't just a repository for hemp-loving, Birkenstock-wearing listeners who can't handle the fast pace of PBS. It's also a repository for hemp-loving, Birkenstock-wearing hosts. Here are five shows for all hemp-loving, Birkenstock-wearing people, be they listener or host:
This American Life. Ira Glass's weekly show takes a theme and loosely bases a few essays around it. Maybe they stole this format from HoleCity, but that's for the courts to decide. One unique asset of This America Life is David Sedaris talking about wearing an elf costume and gushing over Cher. HoleCity may not have the elf costume, but we're always gushing over Cher.

Whad'ya Know. This current events quiz show is hosted by Michael Feldman, who acts more like a comic than a game show host. The topics quickly become dated, as a repeat featuring plenty of Lewinsky jokes recently displayed. Still, that stick-in-the-mud Alex Trebek almost never does a good fellatio joke.

Fresh Air. Terry Gross's in-depth interviews feature interesting people being asked interesting questions. Contrast this with a Barbara Walters interview, which features a fetid sack of cow manure (plus whomever she interviews).

Car Talk. Tom and Ray Magliozzi dispense advice on cars, but much of the time is lost to their own laughter. It's as if the show was hosted by Jimmy Fallon, except the Magliozzi brothers are funny.

A Prarie Home Companion. Garrison Keillor's juggernaut has been on the air for years. The show's expansion into TV and merchandising has led some to accuse Keillor of selling out. C'mon Garrison, you used to be about unpopular music and wacky commercial spoofs. Where did it all go wrong, man?

Emil Gam