'Hole Name: Dubbel Zout

Real Name: Heather Seggel

Bust Size: My back is KILLING me...

Turn-ons: Turning the TV on and lights off, which turns the living room blue

Turn-offs: Turning the TV off and the lights back on, which reminds me how grimy the house is

Favorite Commercial: I still have a crush on the Gorton's fisherman

Ideal TV Show: Evening news, anchored by The Simpsons

Wildest Place I Ever Watched TV: Still looking!

Why I Posed For The Hole: To make the world a better place...and for those complimentary Franklin Mint collectibles.

Anything Else: Send me licorice!


'Holes by Dubbel Zout:

TVHole 3/20/2000 Die Hard the Huntress
TVHole 3/27/2000 Why'd I Join The Band? To Get Made
TVHole 4/3/2000 The Inevitable: Death and Reruns
TVHole 4/10/2000 Game Show Clones and Gay Crushes
TVHole 4/28/2003 Madonna Downplays Fake British Accent To Appear On Network Television
TVHole 5/5/2003 Big Belt Buckle Dreams
TVHole 5/12/2003 If You Squint, It Looks Like 1984
TVHole 5/26/2003 Why Isn't Gilmore Girls Terrible?
TVHole 6/2/2003 L&O's New Franchise Passes Finicky Test
TVHole 6/16/2003 Dead Man Standing
TVHole 6/30/2003 Surf Girls Are Easy
TVHole 7/7/2003 Sit Down For The 4th
TVHole 8/4/2003 The Restaurant: It’s An Ad Ad Ad Ad World
TVHole 8/11/2003 Roseanne Gets Vaguely Real
TVHole 8/18/2003 Oui? WHEE!
TVHole 9/8/2003 Mazel Tizzle To You, Too

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8/2/2000: Huntress (USA) By the end of The Huntress, USA Network's made-for-TV-movie that launched this series, Dottie Thorson (Annette O'Toole) had buried her husband, taken up his career as a bounty hunter with her daughter (Aleksa Palladino), avenged her husband's death by letting an ice cream truck run over the killer's head, and found her best friend dead in the trunk of a car. So she linked arms with daughter Brandi and their plucky hooker friend, looks bravely toward the horizon, and proclaimed: "Let's go shopping!"

With that sort of start, can you be anything but thrilled with the existence of this series? We thought not. Tonight, mom-n-daughter pick up a "charming young man" and get caught up in double-crosses and murders. Oops. If we're lucky, maybe they'll shop too. We're not sure if Jon Spencer (of Blues Explosion semi-fame) is continuing to do the music; if so, all will be well, as he can cover a multitude of sins. Rating: 3 Columbos

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