'Hole Name: Max Ataxia

Name: Max Ataxia

Real name: Kevin O'Doyle

Meaning of Life: The spare part is on its way (message from Tralfamador).

Bust Size: Nasdaq 7500

Turn-Ons: The wet spot (warm). Thinking outside the Frinkahedron. Women with hairy moles. Naked mole rats, with hairy moles. Hans Molema. M'ole M'Oldsmobile.

Turn-Offs: Hot haggis turnovers. Trent Lott. Flesh-eating bacteria. Flesh, eating bacteria. Fish-eating bacteria. Felchomania! IV. Listerine-based cordials. N'bisco S'moelestra S'mores. The wet spot (cold).

All-Time Favorite Commercial: Cat litter ad: "Fish again, Louise?" asks the snotty neighbor.

Ideal Shows: 1. Kukla, Fran Lebowitz & Ollie. 2. MTV's Stalkin' Leo! A television Newsfanzine. Obsessed Leonardo Dicaprio fans trade spine-tingling close encounter stories. Broadcast live from Gigglewood Sanitarium in Maine. 3. Go Ass Alice (Cinemax). 4. America's Ugliest Arresting Officers; America's Most Arresting Ugly Officers (Fox). 5. ABC After School Special, Why Won't You Flush?: Portrait of a Dysfunctional Toilet. Starring Kathy Lee Gifford as Mylanta, Tony Danza as Tony, and introducing Porcelain McBride as Flushy, the toilet that must learn how to let go.

Wildest Place I Ever Watched TV: Detox.

All-Time Favorite Sports Moment: Switzerland, 1944: Former Brooklyn Dodgers catcher Moe Berg attends physics conference with O.S.S. orders to assassinate Werner Heisenberg.

Why I Decided To Pose For The 'Hole: Beefing up my 'Pornfolio.'

Anything Else?: When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's a lawsuit.


'Holes by Max Ataxia:

TVHole 3/20/2000 Who Wants To Be The F'n President?
NewsHole 4/3/2000 Exclusive NewsHole Investigative Report: How Cults Find Their Members
NewsHole 4/24/2000 Suckling Pigs 4Ever!!!
MovieHole 5/1/2000 Rehab This: Sandra Goes To Seed
TVHole 5/8/2000 Sex Sells on HBO
TVHole 5/22/2000 Coming of Age on the Sundance Channel
MovieHole 6/5/2000 Passion of Mind Has Neither
MovieHole 6/19/2000 Gone In One Disappointing Box-Office Weekend
TVHole 6/26/2000 HoleCity's Unofficial Summer Tube 2000 Guide
TVHole 7/17/2000 Bleeaaghh!!...Ben Stein Fails To Make Us Puke
TVHole 7/31/2000 Shocking News: Student Film is Ironic and Not Entirely Realistic
MovieHole 8/7/2000 Welcome To Coyote F'Ugly
TVHole 8/7/2000 USA Gets High on Crappy Pointless Sitcom
TVHole 8/7/2000 Your Kind of Town...
TVHole 8/14/2000 USA Succeeds In Another War
TVHole 10/9/2000 This American Nightmare Rings True
TVHole 10/23/2000 This Dracula Doesn't Suck
TVHole 11/6/2000 Murder By Hunk
TVHole 11/13/2000 DAG As In Gag
NewsHole 11/20/2000 The President That Eats Like A Meal
NewsHole 11/27/2000 State of Confusion
NewsHole 12/4/2000 U.S. Supreme Court to George W. Bush: "Wipe That F***ing Smirk Off"
NewsHole 12/18/2000 Bush Stunner: An All-Black Cabinet
TVHole 1/1/2001 Oh Ye Of Little Sting...
NewsHole 1/1/2001 Bush's Interior Secretary: One To Watch
TVHole 1/15/2001 Psychic Nutline on SCI-FI
TVHole 2/5/2001 Sundance Heads Far South
MovieHole 3/12/2001 Seamus McBorg: The Irish Terminator
NewsHole 4/30/2001 Bushie: The First 100 Days
NewsHole 6/11/2001 Congressional Republicans Find Solace In Existential Philosophy
MovieHole 6/25/2001 Cortical Implant Helps Reveal The Fast & The Furious
TVHole 7/23/2001 Mulder? In Small Town X-Files?
NewsHole 3/11/2002 Researcher Dudes Freak About Pot
NewsHole 4/8/2002 Giant Asteroid To Destroy Earth
NewsHole 4/29/2002 News Capsules: Take Two Before Bedtime
TVHole 7/8/2002 What's Next For Reality TV?
FiveHole 7/15/2002 Five New Jersey Turnpike Rest Areas
NewsHole 8/12/2002 Charlton Hestonís Condition Worsens
MovieHole 8/19/2002 A Picture Worth Staying In....

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